Rising Sun

Services R&L Provides

Listed below are some of the security services we provide. For a full scope of our service offerings, please contact our 24/7 number at (510) 712-1893.

We provide the following services to our clients:
- Courtesy Patrol: Apartments and Condominiums; High Rise, Mid Rise and Low Rise
- Office Building Security
- Uniform Bike Patrol
- Segway Patrol
- Vehicle Patrol
- Vacation relief desk officer, (temporary staffing while your regular staff is on vacation or otherwise unavailable)
- Construction site and Development Security
- Alarm Responses
- Periodic Checks
- Retail Agents
- Business Opening & Closing
- Special Event Security
- Plainclothes Bodyguards and Executive Protection
- Proprietary Guard Monitoring and Training
- Telephone CCTV Monitoring, and more

Any of these services can be provided by fully trained:
- Unarmed Guards
- Armed Guards
- TASER Guards

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