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About R&L Brooks Associates, Inc

R&L Brooks Associates currently operates in San Rafael, Palo Alto, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area in the State of California and is fully licensed and insured.

Our founder possesses over 20 years experience in security, investigations, and the protection field, and our management, staff including the founder, has prior working experience with the US Army, Oakland Police Department and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies across the United States and internationally.

R&L Brooks Associates employs highly trained and professional officers to serve in the following areas:
 Security Consulting: Consulting services offered in a variety of specialized areas
 Threat Examination: Analysis of potential exposure and advice on minimizing exposure
 Product Relocation: Reduce shrinkage and inventory loss
 Manufacturing: Detect, deter, and report incidents which violate company policy and the law
 Residential and Office building properties: Gated communities, front desk and lobby
 High Rise Commercial Properties: Access control, public relations, and traffic control
 Executive Protection: In the professional and personal aspects of the executive's life
 Special Events: Which require a large number of officers for short periods of time
 Investigations: Inserting covert security officers to investigate theft, and others

Randolph Brooks
Randolph R. Brooks - CEO | President | Director | Founder
BSIS Qualified Manager License (California)
MB Manager License (Florida)
Licensed TASER Instructor
Certified Fingerprint Roller (California)
R&L Brooks Associates, Inc.

Garith Wisdom
Garith Wisdom - Operations Manager
Florida Office
R&L Brooks Associates, Inc.

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